Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Things!

- Wreaths on the front windows of a cute house
- people who are crazy about the most minut details of 'CARS'
- looking through files of random pictures
- wishing for a quiet place in the house
- trying to learn to obey HIS voice
- matching long medical words to their latin roots and finding that gastrectemy literally means "the removal of the belly"
- God giving me a verse this morning
- trying to follow the Lord Jesus in Servanthood
- figuring out a way I can braid my hair
- songs like 'Okie from Muskogee'
- thinking about I should work for Milton Bradley when I grow up
- Alan Jackson's hymns CD 'Blessed Assurance'
- praying for people
- wishing people would be online at the same time as me
- wishing I could only try selling unassmebled snowmen around here. the thing is...we rarely get those raw materials here. ours usually look more like disassembled snowmen.
- frizzy hair today (cause it was braided last night)
- revisiting my old cubby space down in the basement (where once upon a time I liked to hide to do my schoolwork)
- making a soup that I didn't think would be very good, and everyone really liking it
- Emilie's Noodle Bake for supper
- my piano piece coming together
- God's amazing creatures! (we watched a documentery on tree hopping monkeys tonight)
- watching the hygenist type the results into the computer, and noticing that she was totally doing "hunt and peck"
- feeling that Jesus sees what I do
- Clara Maguire (because today is her birthday)
- reading a long xanga post that totally inspired me!
- tea early in the morning
- finally getting gmail to work right
- its my bedtime...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey carrie, thanks!

i LOVE your happy lists! they're so...happy! i need to send you some of mine.
hope you have a terrific day!
you know who ; )

5:08 PM  
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