Saturday, May 20, 2006

Carnival of Kid Comedy #11

Here we are and its time for the eleventh edition of the Carnival of Kid Comedy!
It seems time flies by so fast! I can't belive its been 11 weeks since this great idea developed! Anyways, here are this weeks giggles--all stored in these little technical links....

A carnival new-comer is Elena LaVictoire from My Domestic Church
shares her experience with how hard it is to explain the Celsius scale in Math and Science

Dana at Principled Discovery shares Filling Our Shoes. Oh how they imitate those who are older!

From Raising 4 Boys we are have a good parenting tip at Throwing Eggs in the Kitchen.

The estate owner of The Carnival of Kid Comedy, Kim C. at Life in a Shoe features her re-occuring 4-yo Becca in Tatoos.

Over at the blog of the Nerd Family we hear about a little fellow with The Kid Pespective.

And for my was a hard little brother has been making me laugh all week, but I think I'll spotlight the time when he wanted a Bell Pepper.
Its hard not to put in two or three...But you'll have to search my homepage for those...I won't steal the show.

I have enjoyed quite a number of laughs as I put his together and I hope that you all did too!
Be sure to remember that the Carnival will be hosted once again by Kim C. at Life In A Shoe next week! Head over to the Conservative Cat's Carnival page to submit your laugh for next week!

<laughing still>


Blogger Elena said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and for your hard work in pulling this week's carnival together!

8:24 AM  

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