Friday, May 19, 2006

Neighbors over for supper!

The neighbor boys (and one of their friends who happens to go to our church) were over playing basketball with Peter and Dud and then Matthew (another neighbor) came over and soon after the pizzas were ready... (Btw, they were made with Kim C.'s recipe for pizza crusts, and everyone loved them!) so we invited them all to eat with us. It was great! But, there wasn't much pizza, so we had to fix a quick salad and lemonade and 3 batches of G-whiz (a citrus smoothie) and then our bananas ran out so we fixed 3 batches of milkshake. (That was because we had a lot of cheap ice cream!) So when we were sure they were full, Daniel's buddy Big Jake came over...and so he finished up the pizza for us!
Then, Dud got out his airplane that he got at a yard needs some part for the engine before it will they tied a string to it and spun around in circlesso that it would fly...that was probably really unclear...sorry, I don't know how to explain it... but anyways, you have to spin around to make it when they started to have a contest for who could make it go the fastest. Big Jake made it go really fast. then when it did crash, he did too. He tried to stay standing up, but he was too dizzy. It was funny.
I love having lots of people over for supper...though they were all guys...


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