Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy things

happy things...
- getting all my school work (except wisdom booklet work) done before lunch
- deciding to like fall this year
- having time this afternoon to do things
- finally finishing a book i'd been reading for at least 6 months
- starting Shadow of the Almighty a biography of Jim Elliot
- enjoying my little brothers
- being on xanga
- hearing from journey friends
- hearing from other friends
- getting a letter...i've not gotten one in probably 3 months...but that's because i've not mailed any.....argh... :(
- clemson football season is back
- hearing ben count his blessings
- i'm wearing my favorite skirt and favorite shirt
- god is teaching me how to pray (i tell you, that's the guy to get lessons from!)
- trying to apply the things i learned on the journey
- watermelons

i walk into the kitchen at noon and find some columbo's pizza: i want some lunch. i want it now, i want it quick, this lunch will do!
peter: josh a. says he can move his scalp without using his hands. he just does it.
ben: i can too!
(benjamin vigorously nods his head to demonstrate)


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