Monday, January 23, 2006

A glimpse of how cute the kid really is.....

After making brownies with Mama.....

At grandma's house... He's got Aunt Debbie's boots on and that's Grandma's cain!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yogurt for breakfast....which color is best?

Ben came to me this morning, "Want a yogurt, Ninnie, want a yogurt."
I got up to get him one. he follows me, "Want a blue one." (Blueberry flavor that is)
"Okay....we'll see. I think all the blue ones are gone. Would a pink one be okay?" (Strawberry)
"Want a blue one."
"But if there isn't one, would a pink one be fine?"
"Pink one."

I get downstairs...
"Red one! Actually want a red one." (re-defining strawberry's color)
There was a blue one.
"Have a blue one!!" Ben said with a HUGE smile.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

concerned about Nina....

After talking to Nina for a while, her pre-paid phone card runs out of time and cuts her off. Ben says, "Nina gone." Then Peter says, "Nina's gone!" and begins a lot of pretend weeping and wailing; Suzanna of course joining in. Ben gets scared, so I try to explain that they were just playing. Still a little scared, Ben looks on with a concerned, yet confused look on his face. Finally he walks over to them laying on the bed and he says and in a voice of authority, "Stop! Stop!" As if to say, "Don't play like that!"

More from my cutie....

We clean my dad's office once a week and my job is vaccuumer with Ben as my "helper"....well, no, with me as his babysitter! Anyways, we had gone back to the back to the janitor closet and I got the vaccuum. Ben started racing me back to Miss Belinda's office (the front office and the first one I vaccuum). As I enter the room he exclaims, "I beat!"

"That's right! you beat me!"


Then he walks to the desk and looks at the little snowman there. Then thinking the snowman very cute he says, "I like this guy…"

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Poppy seed bread...

Wonderful Mrs. Maguire gave us a loaf of poppy seed bread and we barely managed to save it for breakfast. Ben thoroughly enjoyed it. you can just imagine us explaining to him that the small black dots were poppy seeds....then as he had been there when Mrs' Maguire gave it to us we asked who made it...

"Poppy made it."

"No...those are poppy seeds. Who made it?"

(A little confused...)

So, I give him a suggestion, "Did Mrs. Maguire make it?"

"Poppy made it."


Now he finishes his (one and only) piece....

"Have some more Poppy bread, please."

"No Ben, it's all gone."

(Calling loudly so she can hear)
"Mrs. Maguire make some more!!"