Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monday evening

Well, I didn't even mention the awesome fellowship that we had on Monday night. But, its time I did. It was really encouraging to me. We had Joel Helms and his room mate, Seth, over for supper. They got into a serious discussion and it eventually ended up with talking about alot of how the Navigators got started and alot of their core values and standards. Joel iscampus minister with the Navigators, so, wow! He shared the wheel concept. The hub is Christ and the outside of it is the obedient Christian life. The four spokes are prayer, memorization, witnessing, and fellowship. But what he pointed out is how, even though they do alot of memorization, that's not the focus, its Christ. They do alot of witnessing, but that's not the focus, its Christ. After all, the power in the wheel comes from the axal and the hub. It comes through the spokes to the outer wheel. It was really significant to me: When a wheel spins, the spokes become a blur. They are not noticed. Its the Hub and the wheel that you can see. Isn't that an amazing insight? Its been really significant to me!
After dinner, we played music...Joel has a quality voice (especially on the bass end, which sounds really cool with our band!) and Seth has the most awesome voice! It was great, we had him singing solos, and it was so cool! He doesn't play an instrument, but he sings really well!!! And, BTW, Joel plays piano and guitar and...well, Dud pursuaded him to try out the mandolin for a few songs...and he did fine!


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