Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My life is in >>FF>>

Today is going to be busy! Well, actually this whole week is incredibly busy.
Today Mr. Reeves is gonna pick me up at 8:00 ("real time") and take me to Oconee Christian Academy because the Reeves girls and I have to be there for an interview with the Seneca paper about the devotional book, "This Is Now," that we contributed to. Its a teen devotional written by teens for teens...so anyways, we'll be there...and then when I get home from that, I'm gonna work on putting together a recipe book of WGPL recipes for my piano teacher who is getting married. That will take a while...and I'm not gonna finish today,but I'll get a lot done (hopefully), but we (Dud and I) have to be back at the Reeves at 3:30 for a violin lesson...no...its not really a violin lesson, but we're playing together for Felix and Gregoria's wedding and we have to practice...Here comes the Bride, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring...etc...
But, did I mention that sometime through all this I'm gonna spend lots of time practicing fiddle for tonight. Its our first fiddlin' and band lesson with Shawn Lane. Yes, the big Shawn Lane from Blue Highway. He is gonna teach Dud and I and coach our family band. I'm really excited! But I've got to get time on the fiddle today!
So...we have a busy rish toady...and I have to say....its typical for this week! This week is gonna be great! ....but really busy! Two weddings (one of which we are the musicians for), a book signing for the This is Now...and well, did I mention what we've got going Friday? Our first paying gig as a family band! We'll playing for two hours at the...ready for this?...at the South Carolina Welcome Center!


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