Saturday, December 24, 2005

More fun with Ben....

Ben (absently): Go bye-bye.

Me (pretending to be worried): Who?

Ben (starting to play with the joke): Benjamin go bye-bye.

Me (shocked): Oh no!!! Benjamin going! Where are you going?!?!

Ben (almost laughing): 'napolis. See Nina.

Me (continuing with the business): How long will you be gone?

Ben (either not understanding or not knowing how to answer, thinks for a while to come up with something to say): See Nina.

Me (trying again): Will you be gone two days?

Ben (happily): Yes.

Me (wondering): When are we going?

Ben (replying with his universal "when" answer): Tuesdaywednesday.

Me (wondering): How are you going to get there?

Ben: Drive. Get there.

Me (wondering): Who is driving?

Ben (with a fun smile): Benjamin drive.

Me (very worried now): Oh no!! Are you going by yourself?

Ben (after thinking for a moment): Mama go too.

Me (feeling better): So, Mama's gonna drive?

Ben (grinning): Benjamin drive.

Me (getting worried again): But can I go too? (pleading)

Ben (confidently): Ninnie go too.

Me (smiling again): Good!



Me: Who all is going to Indianapolis?

Ben (confidently): Kippany.

Me (confused): I'm not going?!?!

Ben (reassuringly): Ninnie and Kippany.




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