Saturday, December 24, 2005


Sorry...I haven't posted in a while.....but I have written a few posts, but I guess they just never made it to the here's one I wrote on Tuesday.....and BTW, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


My computer died....yeah...hard... what am I writing on? Nina's laptop. But MY computer is still dead as a doornail....or maybe I should say "as dead as roadkill."
Enough of that....(and BTW, this was not originally intended to be a sick computer complaint blog!!) we had Christmas! yeah...pretty cool, huh? Nina got here Saturday evening and will be here till Friday morning, so we wanted to do Christmas while she is here....she had to do all her shopping though, so that left Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't want to spend our entire time with Nina shopping, so we did that today so we can do other things tomorrow and Thursday.
So...some highlights from "Christmas morning" are:
1) Everyone put their moneys together to buy a router for Dudley. It is a power tool and was going to be his next big purchase. Over a $100, it took the combined purses of us all but he was so surprised and was SO great!!
2) Nina still believes she had the best Christmas of everyone. She got fun but useful things and it was all stuff she needed. Like....a battery charger, rechargeable batteries, lotion, a slip, a frame for her painting she was taking back with her, photo paper, socks, dry-erase markers, a printer USB cord, and more!
3) Nina and Dudley both insist that they had the best Christmas of everyone, but there are others that made off with Peter got a bike, Mama got her treasured chiming clock fixed (I think its been broken for probably about 6-8 years), Suzanna got several shirts and a skirt she's wanted for a long time, and I got a Bible for my computer.....

Well.... Better go....


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