Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things that Made Me Laugh

Overheard while Peter was fixing the lettice for a salad for the weekly potluck after the Dallas' church...
Mama: Peter, this is red leaf lettuce. The "bad part" you pulled off and set aside is the "red" part! We need to keep it, its good!


Our friends dropped us off yesterday afternoon after spending the morning testing with the other homeschoolers...Ben came out to meet us and then walked around to their car to say hi...but he was really quiet. Their 7 yo Daniel pet his head, and sorta played with him for a moment, but ben didn't make any response and remained silent. Daniel turned to me puzzled, "Does he do anything?"


We were eating on our picnic table and enjoying some good weather. Ben, finished with his dinner was roaming around in the yard...then, he fell.
Dudley: Oh no! Ben, did you fall?
Ben: No, I didn't fall. I got tackled.
(some snickering at the table...remember, he's the only one out there...)
Dudley: Who tackled you?
Ben: Not anybody tackled me. I tackled myself.


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